Thursday, March 29, 2007

Remembering exam times!

With the fan running at full speed in my room...I am sitting and thinking. I can feel that its summer...i can smell it, almost touch it.. Its strange that this makes me feel nostalgic (coz i usually associate summer with exam times!).. I try to understand this but i can't (and then I understand that I can't understand everything!! :))....I can't put my finger on something & say I miss this or that.. Some memories my mind tries to churn...pretty ordinary things surface.. waking up ppl during exam times, reading novels when u shld actually study, those short breaks which never remained short, wasting away the gaps between exams and regretting later , grumbling about going for mess-offs, going hunting for food in the middle of night, the maggi which tasted like an exotic food......

But then realize that its these small things tucked in my memory that make my hostel life... memories which make me smile & laugh even now...memories which make me feel like i've met an old friend...memories which make me feel connected.

Nostalgia, what a beautiful word and feeling...makes you happy & sad at the same time. Strikes some chords, and the music seems to linger…when it stops you realize that you are back in your room and the fan is still running.

Monday, March 26, 2007


I wish I could,

Paint a tune,
hum a smell;
listen to colors
sing’em as well;

Touch a sound,
Breathe a word;
Dance a feeling
With a singing bird;

Play a book
On my guitar;
Taste a cloud,
Walk on a star;

Fathom a forest,
Understand a tree;
Trek a river,
Drink a mystery;

Brood a mist,
Cry some dew;
Smile a flower,
Laugh it too;

Hold a moon,
Sleep a sea;
Dream a snow,
Feel eternity;

P.S. - Respect the title and don't try to make any sense out of it!!
As many have asked me,this is to make it clear that the poem(if u can call it one!) is written by me.
Copyright © 2007, Suruchi. All rights reserved.;)

Six strings , Six songs, HP & me

Another weekend got over...I seem to live from one weekened to another.(Thats the case with IT professionals I guess) Given the fact that for the last two weekends I had been roaming around a lot, this weekend was particularly devoid of activity. Spent mostly in finishing unfinished chores, honing my guitar skills and revising HP... I love such weekends after the hectic me recharge my batteries.

My shoes were in such a state that they couldn’t have gotten dirtier (what with a trek and trip to the beach?!). In fact I had this feeling that if I started wearing them, they would actually become cleaner!! Had mercy and washed them!!

Then picked up some songs …It’s been two months since I started learning guitar. And after 2 months I can boast that I can play six songs, all of them learnt over the weekend!! Getting the hang of chords also... waiting for the day when I can play along any song.

Bought the HP – HBP and if there is a HP in the room I can’t stay without reading it. So read it again…. will have to make do with revising HP I guess…the 7th book release seems too distant. There are some n other good books lying in my room..wanting to be read. And here I am smugly reading HP…sacrilege I say..but can’t help it!!

And forgot totally..watched 'No man's land' also..great movie, a bit depressing though..thats how reality is...but u have to keep ur chin up. Still,I it would be if , only if there was a no man's land.

That’s it , that sums up the last weekend…waiting for the next!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Finally I have a blog!! Had been thinking about blogging for so long...Initially I thought that I had nothing to write (And knew that it wasn't true!), then got stuck coz couldn't come up with a fancy name!!(some excuse that is...huh?!!) Then the name "Sur's Pensieve" stuck me !! (Could've come up with something original!!) The most amusing thing about this name is that "Sur's *Pensieve" is also "Sur is pensive" !! With due respects to JKR I want to draw a parallel between a blog and a pensieve. And I hope that this blog is a record of my forgotten memories, forgotten thoughts, forgotten dreams.

*Pensieve- A term used in Harry Potter series, meaning a container for thoughts.